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Within These Obsidian Walls (full dream smp album)

false peace – a dream theme (based on the events that took place in the Dream SMP)

I'll Take Care Of You (ft. pphoebee_) – a bee duet for Michael [Dream SMP]

identity (ft. @kroh) – a follow-up Ranboo theme [Dream SMP] (music video)

my bee, my boo (ft. Megan Shumway) – a bee duet [Dream SMP]

Lightning and Thunder – Precious Jewel Amor x @Tia Jade [Dream SMP]

The Axolotl Song by Dream/Precious Jewel Amor (Animation)

The Other Side – a Tales from the SMP original theme [Dream SMP]

Death Hole (Tubbo's Song) – one year later [Dream SMP]

savior – the red banquet reprise – ButterscotchBread (prod. Precious Jewel Amor)